Robin Hood pantomime



Coasters Musical Theatre is trying something new this year. To spread our
festive pantomime cheer further we have teamed up with Mana Little
Theatre in Plimmerton to run a bumper season for all the family to enjoy!
Heroes! Archery! Dancing pantomime dames!

And all set to a banging 80’s soundtrack. You won’t want to miss this.

Robin Hood the pantomime runs from 17-27 November at

Mana Little Theatre
AND from 1-10 December at Coasters Musical Theatre.
Shows are on Thursday-Sunday.


All is not well in Plimmerton and Kāpiti! The wicked Sheriff is growing rich
on the many taxes he is forcing the poor townsfolk to pay and he is just
about to become even richer. Maid Marian is about to turn 21 and inherit a
vast fortune, and the Sheriff is hatching a horrible plan to make sure that he
will inherit the cash and marry Maid Marian to boot! All that stands in his
way is the very brave and dashing Robin Hood and their loyal band of
Merry ‘Men’: the confused Little John, charmer Will Scarlet and the forever
hungry Fryer Tuck. Of course Robin’s mum Alana Dale is there to cheer
him on too!


Will they succeed in thwarting the evil plot and beat the Sheriff and his
villainous henchmen?


Anyone auditioning for Robin Hood must be willing to commit to performing
in both Plimmerton and Paraparaumu.
Rehearsals will be 3 times a week from September onwards.
Email to register for an audition and let us know the following information:

  • Your name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • What role(s) you are auditioning for

  • What song you’d like to sing to audition with (choices in the audition pack)

  • Which audition you’re planning on attending- At Coasters or at Mana

  • Let us know any recent shows you’ve been involved with

  • If you would you be interested in helping out with wardrobe, props, crew or tech  or anything else if you don’t get cast