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Coasters Musical Theatre are very proud to have produced the following shows and thank all that were involved with them


50 and fabulous - Joanne Sharp   September 2022

Robin Hood pantomime - Lauren Ford-Jones  November/December 2022


The Not So Royal Variety Show - Jessica Clough/Petra Rassmussen  March 2021

Miscast - Lauren Ford-Jones  May 2021

Mary Poppins - Jessica Clough  October 2021



One Night Only - A Night at the Movies  - Jessica Clough/Petra Rassmussen  June 2020

This is Us - 40th Anniversary Show - Desree Morrison/Lesley O'Hara September 2020

Our House - Lauren Ford-Jones November 2020


Diva Darlings (2) - Divalicious Fun  Tracy Wills-Wright  March/April 2019

Folk Meets Nashville - Arthur Rowley / Marg Burrows  June 2019

Cassettes you can't forget - Kady Clunie September 2019

Adrian - Desree Morrison  December 2019


One Night Only - Youth   Charlotte Kerrigan / Jessica Clough, March 2018

Top of the Pops - Graham Stevens / Jessica Clough, May/June 2018

Xanadu - Jessica Clough, September 2018 

Menopause The Musical - Joanne Sharp, November 2018 


Little Shop of Horrors - Charlotte Kerrigan, June/July 2017

One Night Only - Charlotte Kerrigan / Jessica Clough, August 2017 

Diva Darlings - Tracy Wills-Wright, September 2017

Coastbusters - Ashleigh Clunie, November 2017


Ties Of Love   Ryan Coughlan/ Charlotte Kerrigan, April 2016

American Jukebox Revival   Marg Burrows/ Arthur Rowney, June/July 2016

Girls Night Too – The Musical  Joanne Sharp, August 2016

Just Three Seasons To Christmas Derek Cavanagh, Nov/Dec 2016


ANZAC100 - John Benson, April 2015

Words & Music - Graham Stevens/Jessica Clough, June/July 2015

Snowy White & A Couple Of Dwarfs - Jo Sharp, November/December 2015


Beauty and The Beast   David Tayler/Jo Sharp, January 2014

London Pride   Cavan Haines, March/April 2014

Echoes Of Swing   Derek Cavanagh, August 2014

Christmas Cheer   Jo Sharp, November/December 2014


Licenced To Kilt   Cavan Haines, March 2013

A Night In The West End   Desree Morrison, June 2013

Girls Night - The Musical   Jo Sharp, August 2013

Across The Ditch   Graham Stevens, October 2013


Country Kind  Tracy Wills-Wright, March 2012

And The Oscar Goes To…   Graham Stevens, June 2012

Inspirations  Charlotte Kerrigan, August/September 2012

Season Of Swing   Lesley Warren, November 2012

Cinderella On The Coast   David Tayler/Jo Sharp, December 2012


 Larf a Minute    Joanne Sharp, March/April 2011

 Songs of Love and Life    Renwick Wright, June 2011

Music For All Seasons   Graham Stevens, August 2011

A Christmas Cracker   Jo Sharp, November/December 2011


 Love, Peace and Doris Day    Tracy Wills-Wright, March/April 2010

 Land of Make Believe   Graham Stevens, May/June 2010

 Last Night of the Proms    Lesley Warren, July 2010

 Kiss The Blarney Some More    Joanne Sharp, August 2010

 Reflections - 30 years of Coasters  Derek Cavanagh, November 2010


 ANZACs - We Remember   June Stewart/John Benson, April/May 2009

 Legends 2  Tracy Wills-Wright June 2009

 How Was The West Won?   Graham Stevens, August 2009

 Best of British   Joanne Sharp, Oct/November 2009


 Another Openin', Another Show    Lesley O'Hara & June Stewart, Feb/Marc

 Legends    Tracy Wills-Wright, April/May 2008

 Medieval Knights     Graham Stevens, July 2008

 Last Night of the Proms    Renwick Wright, July 2008

 The Fox and The Woolf  August 2008

 Kiss the Blarney   Joanne Sharp, Sept/October 2008


 A Night In With The Boys    Derek Cavanagh, March 2007

 All the Girls - 60s USA   Renwick Wright, April/May 2007

 Last Night of the Proms    John Benson, July 2007

 The King and I    Pat Snoxell, August/September 2007

 Rob Guest - The Phantom Returns  October 2007


 Coasters Cabaret Performs The Beatles Jessica Walker/Chris Warren, Feb/March 2006

 Old Time Victorian Music Hall   June Stewart, April/May 2006

 An Intimate Evening With Rob Guest  May 2006

 Last Night Of The Proms - John Benson, July 2006

 The Roaring Forties   Charlotte Kerrigan, September 2006

 The Show Must Go On  Jessica Walker/Ron Butler, November 2006


 Jazzin' Around   Mandy Bolton, April/May 2005

 Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat   Pat Snoxell, July 2005

 Do You Remember?...The Seventies   Derek Cavanagh, October 2005


The Man Behind The Magic- Thank You Walt Disney    Jessica Walker/Adam Burchmore, March 2004

Anzac 2004    Lesley Warren  April 2004

Do You Remember?...The Sixties   Derek Cavanagh, June 2004

Last Night Of The Proms  John Benson, July 2004

Paint Me A Rainbow    Lyn Ellis, August 2004

 Hits of the 20th Century  MaryAnne Kindell/Aldous MacIvor, October 2004


Absolutely Anzac II    Lesley Warren, April 2003

The Sound of Music    Pat Snoxell, May 2003

I'll Sing To You     Aldous MacIvor, June 2003

Do You Remember?... The Fifties    Derek Cavanagh July 2003

Last Night Of The Proms    John Benson, August 2003

Thank You For The Music - A Tribute To ABBA    Alicia Hakkens, October 2003

Coasters' Christmas In The Carpark    Jude Burchmore, December 2003


Valentines - A Date With Romance  John & Maureen Benson, February 2002

A Tribute To Richard Rodgers  Lyn Ellis, March 2002

Absolutely Anzac!  Lesley Warren, April 2002

Songs For A New World  Martin Pitt, May 2002

A Midwinter Christmas (Dinner & Show)  Martin Pitt, June 2002

Last Night Of The Proms  John Benson, July 2002

Romantic Favourites From Operetta and Musical   Aldous MacIvor, August 2002

An Evening With Andrew Lloyd Webber  Laura Bevilacqua, September 2002

"Kids From Grease" Singalong   Nick Swan/Alicia Hakkens, October 2002

A Festival Of Christmas Music   John Benson, December 2002


Big, The Musical  Lyn Ellis, April/May 2001

Last Night Of The Proms  John Benson, July 2001

Bits of Broadway  Nick Swan, August 2001

A Night of Culture  Aldous/Frances MacIvor, September 2001

Music Hall Sing Along  Derek Cavanagh/Val Brannan, October 2001


Last Night Of the Proms  John Benson, July 2000

Take Two - the 20th Year Extravaganza  Mandy Bolton, November 2000


Chess  Alison Pond, May 1999

Last Night Of The Proms  John Benson, July 1999

Movie Musical Magic  Tim Watson/Lyn Ellis, October 1999


Me And My Girl  Lyn Ellis, May 1998

Last Night Of The Proms   John Benson, July 1998

Old Thyme Music Hall   Ian Reeves, October 1998


Annie  Alison Pond, May 1997

Last Night Of The Proms  John Benson, July 1997

You Must Remember This  Ian Reeves, October 1997


My Fair Lady Lyn Ellis, May 1996

That's Entertainment  John Benson, September 1996


Pirates Of Penzance  Vivienne Gunning, May 1995

The Doo Wop Club   Lesley Warren, October 1995


Down At The Old Bull And Bush  Vivienne Gunning, May 1994

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat   Kevin Rush, September 1994


Hello Dolly  Kevin Rush, May 1993

Those Were The Days  Betty Tingey/Tony Lloyd, October 1993


Rhythm 'N' Shoes  Mandy Bolton, May 1992

Annie Get Your Gun   Vivienne Gunning, September 1992


Oklahoma   Kevin Rush, May 1991

Viva Mexico   Charles Ellis, November 1991


Encore - 10th Anniversary Show  Betty Tingey/Pat Driver, May 1990

Palace Of Variety   Betty Tingey, September 1990


The Boyfriend  Molly Rose, May 1989

The King & I   Pat Driver, October 1989


Oliver!  Kevin Rush, May 1988

Glimpses Of Kapiti   Tony Dale, September 1988

Cabaret   Alan Marsden, December 1988


The Sound Of Music   Kevin Rush, May 1987

Pack Up Your Troubles   Ann Robinson, September 1987


Music Through The Years   Betty Tingey/Tony Dale, April 1986

Tom, The Piper's Son   Vivienne Easton, August 1986

Fiddler On The Roof   Alan Marsden, November 1986


Music Hall '85   Warren Johnston/Ann Robinson, April 1985

Calamity Jane   Music Hall '85


Rock 'N' Roll Cabaret   Vivienne Easton, February 1984

Music Hall '84   Molly Rose, April 1984

Country & Western Cabaret   Maurice Taylor/Ann Robinson, August 1984

Showboat   Ann Robinson, November 1984


A Cabaret   Peggy Wager/Betty Burt, February 1983

Music Hall '83   Ann Robinson, April 1983

A Cabaret   Jim Gunning, August 1983

Christmas With The Coasters   Maureen & John Benson, November 1983


Music Hall '82   Ann Robinson, April 1982

Sing A Song of Sixpence   Molly Rose, July 1982

A Cabaret   Ann Robinson, September 1982

South Pacific   Mandy Bolton November 1982


An Old Tyme Music Hall   Molly Rose, March 1981

A Cabaret   Ann Robinson, August 1981

Musical Magic   Mandy Bolton, November 1981

An Old Tyme Music Hall   Molly Rose, March 1981


Our World Is A Music Box Mandy Bolton, November 1980


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